Hi! I’m Jana Kinsman. I’m an illustrator and beekeeper
in Chicago, IL.

I created Bike a Bee, an urban beekeeping project that places beehives with community gardens all over Chicago and tends to them by bicycle. It was a successful Kickstarter project — here’s some press about it. I update the Facebook page fairly regularly. Keep tabs on our work at @bikeabee, too.

I also created Doodlebooth, which offers hand-drawn in-person portraits at events like weddings, birthday parties and corporate events. I also offer offsite portraits and Doodle Dates where I'll draw you and your sweetie at a local coffee shop. Invite me to your event or ask me out!

I’m 1/5 of Quite Strong, a female design collaborative that’s been serving the design community since early 2010. We’re always up to something.

Send me an email if you’re interested in working together! You can also tweet at @janakinsman if you wanna talk about trees or goats.